As we move into the warmer summer months we are starting to see an abundance of local seasonal produce starting to arrive.The relatively kind spring and early summer weather has given us a great start to the summer season and we expect this continue for the next 2 or 3 months.

Unfortunately whilst most fruits and vegetable availability has been unaffected by the situation in Ukraine the knock on affects are now beginning to show in very high costs for fuel and fertilisers within the farming and distribution sectors. Inevitably the costs will be passed on and we can all expect to see this in higher prices in the coming months.

We have already seen several cost increases in the dairy and dry store sectors as a knock on effect of Covid and the labour shortages. This inflation seems likely to continue as now the effects of the war are added to this.


-All root vegetables remain available and we have now changed over to either new crop or imported and we have overcome the quality problems associated with the change of seasons. New crop carrots are particularly sweet and flavoursome currently.

-Red and Whites Cabbages. Leafy Cabbages including Spring Cabbage Savoy, Kale are now changing to new local and UK crops with the Red and white cabbages the last to change. Other Brassicas such as Broccoli and Cauliflower are also now local again but we may have a few gaps due to the hot days affecting the growth cycle

-New crop Norfolk Peer mid potatoes have now started and look and taste fantastic- they will be available all through the summer. Other Potatoes will gradually change from old crop to new crop as the main harvest starts but generally quality of all potatoes remains good.

-Heritage Potatoes – Ratte/Anya/Pink Fir Apple/Purple(Violette)- all available to order.

– The local berry and soft fruit season is now in full swing with Norfolk Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Gooseberries all available. Blueberries and redcurrants should follow on soon.

– Melons have been particularly difficult and expensive for the past couple of months but are now improving in quality and price as the new crop Spanish season kicks in a little later than usual.

– Outdoor Rhubarb remains available for another few weeks but will finish for a few months in August.

– All our leafy salads including the baby leave are now locally grown and harvested and have been wonderful so far this season.

– Local Norfolk Heritage tomatoes have just started and will go on through into the autumn and always prove to be a popular seasonal option through the summer months.

– Summer stone Fruits – Peaches/Nectarines/Apricots/Plums and Cherries – all in season and at their best over the summer months – Cherries will be limited season.

Other more specialist seasonal items to consider

-Chicory- Red and White


-Kohl Rabi

-Fresh Peas and Broad Beans in pod with Runner beans to follow in July.

Items finishing

– Local Asparagus has now finished and we will move back to imported over the summer.

-Jersey Royal New Potatoes finishing soon as the local new crops arrive

– Blood Oranges now finishing until December