Produce News Spring 2023

-Will though will start to see some locally grown leafy Spring Greens,  Cauliflowers  and Purple Sprouting Broccoli unless we get some late frosty weather. We will also probably have a small supply of White sprouting broccoli at some point in spring.

-Yorkshire and local Forced Rhubarb has been available through into March with outdoor local starting from early April. This will be considerably cheaper than the forced.

-Heritage Potatoes – Ratte/Anya/Pink Fir Apple/Purple(Violette)- all available from stock or pre-order.

-Wild Garlic from our forager has now started and will be around until early May- look for our forager updates on social media every Monday for this and other foraged items.

– Seville Oranges for marmalade have now finished until next January but Blood Oranges will be around until end of April and are still looking very good and colourful.

Local Bramley Cooking Apples, Braeburns, and Conference Pears are still very good from cold stores.

– Coxes apples have just about finished now.

-Spanish Strawberries and Raspberries- should be very nice and good value until the new Belgium and UK crops start in the coming weeks.

Other more specialist seasonal items to consider to order only

-Crosnes/Nasturtium Root/Chervil Root/Parsley Root /Red and Blue Meat radish– Ask for availabilities on these items as they will be available to order and price on the day.

– Heritage Beetroots – should be available with some new crop Spanish Bunched becoming available very soon.

– New Season Wet Garlic available to order – larger milder bulbs – first of the new crop.

– Heritage carrots – White/Orange/Purple/Yellow should be available moving from UK to French and Spanish for the next couple of months.

Also Consider

-Chicory- Red and White



-Kohl Rabi

-Fresh Peas and Broad Beans in pods from Italy and Spain now starting

Coming Up Very Soon

– Local Asparagus mid/end April until 21st June.

-Wild mushrooms- spring flush of St George, Mousseron, Ceps and Morels- ask for availabilities. Prices/availabilities will vary day to day on these.

-Jersey Royal New Potatoes have started but are very expensive to start and available to order only – they will become a stock item as the availability improves and the price comes down.   

– UK and local leafy salads and baby leaves will start to arrive at the end of April

– We will change over from Spanish to Dutch and UK tomatoes and cucumbers at the end of April. This will be followed by our local heritage tomatoes.