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Produce News for June 2016

June 1st, 2016 by

It seems as though it was just yesterday that we were all getting ready for Christmas and all of a sudden it is six months later and we are talking about the great produce that is to come in June!


We can start by waving goodbye to the Blood Oranges; they are out for now but are being replaced by just as juicy Mediterranean Stone Fruits such as peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and cherries.  All in their prime this month so grab them whilst they are at their best.  Spanish melons are coming through nice and sweet too so look for a way to include them in your summer menus.

English strawberries are excellent this month and local raspberries should appear mid-month, with blueberries following towards the end of the month. Also look out for gooseberries and black, red and white currants. Rhubarb will also still be available throughout June and into July.

On the vegetable side of things local new carrots will start to appear along with local new potatoes in June and make sure you look out for boxed Norfolk Peer baby washed new potatoes too; we are hearing nothing but good things about these this season!

We should also start to see new crop local Savoy cabbage, Kale, Black Cabbage and Chards but also Spring cabbage should remain good through this month.

Fresh UK grown peas and broad beans will also be in full production this month with Runner Beans appearing at the end of the month replacing the current Italian peas and beans, replacing English Asparagus which will finish on 21st of the month as the plants are left to grow on and replenish themselves for the next year.

Foraged marsh samphire and other locally foraged sea vegetables will be available as the asparagus finishes so don’t worry whilst we will also have cultivated samphire (saliconia) available.


Difficult Products:

 Old crop potatoes will be increasingly difficult through June and July with quality being affected and prices are likely to rise significantly due to the lower harvest yields last autumn. This will also affect baking and chipping potatoes.

Cauliflower and Broccoli are likely to be cause issues going into the summer with gaps and shortages between the different plantings due to the weather variations seen through the winter and spring when these crops were growing.

Cooking Apples are also likely to start running short as the old crop runs out and the new crop is a few weeks away.

Lemons and Limes look like also being troublesome through June as the old crop Spanish crops finish and the Southern Hemisphere crops are a little late getting into full production.

Salads – Many wonderful salad items are in their prime this month including many different varieties of tomatoes and salad leaves as well as the more specialist micro-herbs, leaves and edible flowers.


Dried herbs and spices

 We now stock an extensive range of quality dried herbs and spices in convenient pack sizes for the chef, please call for more details.


To discuss any items not listed above, including our excellent range of dry store and frozen ingredients, our bakery or our dairy selection, please feel free to call our team on 01366 386633.


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