As summer draws to an end and the cooler nights and shorter days of Autumn begin we see a change in seasonal crops. More generally September and October are great months for fresh produce in general with the overlap of the summer and autumn seasons and this year whilst some crops are still showing the effects of the hot and dry summer, in general there seems to be plenty of great local produce on offer. 

We will see local leafy salads and baby leaves continue through until the first frosts at the end of October and the same with our local Norfolk Blackberries, Strawberries and Raspberries although the local Blueberries have now finished. On top of this we now have many local root vegetable crops coming into main season such as Carrots/Parsnips/Celeriac/Leeks as well as those from other UK destinations such as Turnips and New season Swede from Scotland.  Also local main crop onions, red onions, shallots and potatoes are all becoming available as the maincrop harvests get underway. We are likely to see less large sizes of root vegetables and potatoes this year due to the dry weather which will lead to an increase in price for some items and particularly for baking potatoes and larger chipping grades which will be at a premium.

Other specific heritage potatoes such as Purple(Violette)Pink Fir Apple and Ratte. .

Other seasonal and local vegetables such as Broccoli,  cauliflower  and Red, White, Savoy and Pointed cabbages as well as Black Cabbage (Cavelo Nero) and kale with Rainbow and Swiss Chard also coming into their own now. These crops have all suffered from the effects of the dry summer and we are likely to see a few gaps and shortages from time to time as we go into the winter.  

Alongside all this local produce other items such as Coloured Heritage Beetroots, Heritage carrots, Chantenay carrots,  baby vegetables, Jerusalem Artichokes, Salsify, fresh Horseradish and Romanesque are all in season now.

Autumn traditionally sees the start of the pumpkin, squash and Ghord season and we will have many varieties locally grown from now until the New Year- Please ask for availabilities and a list.

Foraged produce such as Damsons,  Sloes and wild sea vegetables are all  starting to becoming abundant now with Wild Mushrooms beginning their Autumn flush – Ceps,  Girolles, Trompette, Pied De Mouton and Chanterelles should all be available over the next month or two ( dependant on weather)  Call us for daily prices and availabilities.

Autumn traditionally  sees the start of the local topfruit season with local apple and pears now becoming available – Coxes, Bramley and other apple varieties and Conference pears will all be available from our local orchards around Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

Best In Season- get it while you can!! 

Turkish Black Figs – season now started and will last for approx 6-8 weeks- fantastic large plump black figs!!


Finished for while

Cherries – just about finished now with last of the Canadian crop. Other Stone Fruits such as peaches and nectarines are also coming to an end and Spanish Melons will be replaced by Southern Hemisphere fruit but still remaining quite expensive.

Fresh Peas, Broad Beans and Runner Beans are also coming to an end until next spring. 



 Asparagus is now air freighted from South America with Fine beans, mangetout, sugarsnaps and Baby Corn all air freighted from Africa and Asia – Higher than normal air freight rates  are still making these products more expensive than normal.  



Steve Short

6th Sept 2022