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Produce News August 2018

August 1st, 2018 by

We have some lovely seasonal items coming in this month e.g. English Victoria Plums, Greengages and Damsons. We are also looking forward to the upcoming season change which will bring a vast array of new products. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of butter fat, we have had a general increase in cream and butter prices recently and there is a possibility of further increases going forward. Alongside this, the recent hot, dry weather with a lack of rain has affected the quality of certain crops and is likely to create problems going forward with lower yields than normal on root vegetables and the quality of UK lettuces may decrease.

Seasonal must haves:
• Local Norfolk Peer Potatoes
• New Crop Local Carrots
• New Local Savoy
• Local New Cauliflower and Broccoli
• Fresh Peas, Broad Beans and Runner Beans
• Local Courgettes
• Baby Salad Leaves
• Romanesque
• Local Heritage Coloured Beetroot
• New Crop Turnips
• Local Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries
• Mixed Heritage Tomatoes
• English Watercress
• Spring Onions
• Heritage Coloured Radishes
• Local Kale, Chard and Spinach (weather dependant)
• European Peaches/Nectarine/Apricots – in their prime now.
• Spanish Melons and French Charentais Melons – now in main season.
• Edible Flowers – many varieties available.

Looking forward to:
• Victoria Plums
• Autumn Squashes
• Local Apples and pears
• Turkish Black Figs

Still in, mostly local and good value but maybe not at their best:
• Parsnips/Swede/Celeriac
• Heritage Potatoes – Ratte/Pink Fir Apple/Purple (Violette) – changing from old season to new season.
• Butternut Squash/Sweet Potatoes

On the way out or difficult:
• Old Crop Potatoes – New Crop Potatoes will start to replace these with an improvement in quality.
• Old Crop Onions and Shallots are also being replaced by New Crop. These are nice and firm but with less skin and shorter life.
• Gooseberries/Blackcurrants – Frozen are available as fresh are now finished.
• Local Bramley Cooking Apples – We are expecting New Crop at the end of August. We suggest using Granny Smith as an alternative until then.

Finished for a while:
• Jersey Royals – Norfolk Peer are a great substitute.
• Cherries – These will finish sometime in August.
• Jerusalem Artichokes – New stock is likely to be October.
• Rhubarb – Will finish this month for a while until Forced Rhubarb appears in November.

Vegan Products
We are currently looking into expanding our vegan range due to customer demand; we have already sourced a few items e.g. Coconut Yogurt, Vegan Cheese & Vegan Puff Pastry. If you would like to know more or have any requests, please contact the office on 01366 386633.

Maitre Andre Traditional Fresh Puff Pastry (All Butter) 4.25kg @ £20.99
Maitre Andre Fresh Puff Pastry (Vegan) 4.25kg @ £19.99