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Prepared Produce

We take the fresh vegetables that we source, and with your specific requirements in mind, we prepare and pack them on your behalf. From carrot batons and our extremely popular chunky chips to stir fry combinations and vegetable mixes, we save our customers time and to ensure that you receive what you’re after, just as fresh and just as tasty as if you had done it yourselves.

Ready to eat Salad Bags are prepared with the busy chef in mind, whilst saving time but not compromising quality and are available throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a mouth watering juice that will quench your thirst then look no further, because we have our very own juicing machine here at Accent Fresh and make orange juice and pink grapefruit juice. It goes without saying that our buyers take time to source the very best quality raw ingredients in order to gain the best possible taste.

If the fresh quality juice isn’t suitable for your needs we also stock a wide range of tetra packed pasteurised juices from concentrate. These include cranberry, tomato, pineapple, grapefruit, orange and clear apple juice, ideal for breakfast buffets or of course perfect cocktail ingredients!

And if we don’t have a particular item in stock, we are always willing to source it for you!