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Our very own Wild Forager

We are very often asked by our chef’s

“What’s different that I could include in my menu or specials board this week?”

Our forager supplies us with wild foraged food and has been working at his trade for many years. His forages location is a closely guarded secret. Wild produce will always be at the mercy of the weather, but at various times of the year he supplies us with a wide variety of produce.Bunch of nettles on white background

He is one of a handful of known foragers in the country and liases with many top chefs.

A selection we can offer

Beautiful Wild Garlic, broad flat green leaves great shredded in salads, good in soups and for pesto.

Fresh salty Marsh Samphire, an excellent accompaniment with fish.

Bright Green Nettles, superb in creamy risottos and soups.

Slightly Salty Sea Purslane, blanch the leaves, very tasty with salt marsh lamb or fish.

Hawberries and Sloes, apart from the obvious! good in ice-cream, jellies and jams.

Mushrooms, St Georges, chanterelles, puff balls, many, many uses.

Green Walnuts, great for pickling and served with cold meats and cheeses.

Alexanders, peel and chop up the stalks simmer until tender and serve as a vegetable. Slight aniseed flavour, very fragrant.

Wild Pea Flowers, used in salads, similar to pea shoots but the wild version.

Sheep Sorrel, small micro leaf, lemon flavour. Flavoursome in soups and sauces.

Sea Buckthorn Berries, prickly stalk with bright orange berries. Freeze the stalk,
remove the berries and make into a syrup.

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