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Citrus Fruits

Vibrant, rightly coloured, versatile and a great way to pack in the vitamins and nutrients; citrus fruits are a winner on any menu and in a variety of Variety of fruitsdishes.

Excellent in desserts, citrus fruits can be used to add sweetness, sharpness and colour as well as being used to decorate plates and cocktail glasses alike.

With almost every part of a citrus fruit being edible it is an excellent product to have in stock. From rind right through to the juicy fruit inside, there are endless possibilties with citrus fruit!

We source citrus fruits from around the world, from the sunniest groves in Spain, Egypt and even as far afield as Brazil and you can really taste the sunshine in every drop of the juice!

From oranges, lemons and limes right through to pink grapefruits and the now very popular blood oranges, our citrus range has it all.

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