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Brassicas are the quintessential British vegetable that we all know and either love or hate! Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are among the most collection cabbages isolated on a white backgroundwell-known and in recent years these once bland and boiled items have seen a makeover.

Cauliflower is now even used to make gluten and wheat free pizza bases, and believe it or not you can also get it in different colours such as purple and orange too!

Brussel sprouts are making a comeback with the addition of bacon and nutmeg to the pan and cabbage in both red and white is used in so many recipes these days due to its colour and texture.
Low in fat, packed with vitamins and a great source of natural fibre, brassicas are a great menu ingredient for any establishment, however you choose to prepare them!

Our warehouse plays host to the psychedelic lime green Romanesca as well; a type of cauliflower which has been seen used more and more by chefs due to its appearance, colour and more delicate, nutty flavour.
Brassicas can be cooked in a variety of ways; steamed, broiled, roasted or stir fried they perform just as well and taste exceptional!

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