Keeping It Green

Our Environmental Responsibilities


Our aim is to supply sustainably sourced produce, picked, packed and delivered to your kitchen in the most environmentally responsible way.

We pride ourselves in taking our environmental responsibilities seriously and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint (which we measure annually), reduce our reliance on single use plastics, work with environmentally aware, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) accredited growers and suppliers and reduce our waste to landfill to 0%.

We have invested in plastic returnable delivery crates which are 100% reusable and infinitely recyclable – This has reduced out packaging carbon footprint by over 70%. All of our other packaging is either 100% carbon neutral or 100% recyclable and all the paper we use is made from recycled material and again is recyclable.

Our building is completely lit by LED low energy lighting and our roof has an array of 50 solar panels installed on it further reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on electricity from the national grid.

We continually invest in the latest technology in our vehicles, plant and machinery to ensure that we are running in the most efficient and least polluting way. We have a policy of replacing our car fleet with hybrid types and this will be complete within the next 2 years and as soon as commercially viable refrigerated vans are available we will look to immediately invest in that technology.

With our commitment to reduce our waste to landfill to zero all of our green waste goes for animal feed at a local farm and our washings are recycled to farmland whilst all of our waste polythene, paper and cardboard is baled and sent for recycling and our pallets are re-used. Any other waste wood is sent away for recycling.

Furthermore we have formed a partnership with our local food bank The Purfleet Trust in Kings Lynn and supply them with any short life produce and food that we can’t otherwise sell further reducing our food waste and helping our local community.