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Frozen Products

From frozen boiron purees and fruit coulis, to frozen vegetables and traditional English fruits, we capture the taste and the freshness and lock it in until you ready to release it.

The view the full product range available from Boiron please click the following link: www.my-vb.com.

Versatile, long lasting and most importantly time saving, our frozen produce is always the freshest stock, with the added benefit of lasting monFrozen vegetables isolated on whiteths rather than days in your freezer. And as we source our ingredients from around the globe, no matter what time of year it is where you are, you can still enjoy the nutrients and taste of the more exotic fruits and vegetables, all year round.

We stock frozen peas, broad beans, sweetcorn, fruits of the forest, gooseberries, amongst other products, so if you prefer the piece of mind in knowing you always have a back-up plan for last minute orders, relax in the understanding we can provide you with this.

With back-up plans in mind we recognise that it’s a good idea to have one for bread. We have searched high and low to find a supplier who produces bread to the very highest quality that is frozen but can be brought out in cases of emergency when you get those surprise busy spells in your kitchen, meaning that you never get caught out!

Also now available is a host of great artisan demi-baked products including; dinner roll selection packs; Danish pastries; Sour Dough loaves and many more types to suit all tastes.

Got the volume? We can also work with you to develop a product that is bespoke to your catering needs.

Looking for something specialist? No problem, as even if we don’t have it in stock when you call, our team will utilise their connections within the industry to source and deliver direct to you.

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