Produce News August 2019

Build the perfect burger

Brioche Buns = £ 0.35 x each

Sliced Cheese Monterey Jack = £ 6.80 x 50 slices

Gherkins = £ 4.80 x 2.65kg

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Soya yoghurt

Coconut yoghurt

Strawberry Marybelle yoghurt
12 x 100g (Alongside our natural,
mixed and toffee trays)


Our Environmental Commitments
At Accent Fresh we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest local ingredients whenever possible. Not only does this help support local growers and provide you with high quality produce but it helps reduce the environmental impact of the food that reaches your customer’s plates. We are aware of the food service sectors impact on our environment and are making every effort possible to reduce Accent Fresh’s contribution to this whilst still providing the highest level of service.

We are currently testing paper bags, biodegradable plastic bags and cardboard dividers with the aim of reducing the 20,000 single use picking bags used every month to 0. The pallet wrap used within our warehousing operation will biodegrade in 2 years, not 2000. We are measuring our carbon footprint and ensuring our refrigeration units, vehicles and routes are as efficient as possible so your order arrives on time and in good condition at the lowest possible cost to the world around us.

Our suppliers are also doing their bit; movements away from single use plastic packaging and introduction of biomass generators are just two examples of their efforts to make their practices more sustainable. While we are doing our best, we cannot do it alone. Please, when possible, use our picking bags again and reuse your delivery boxes or return them to us so that we can.

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing or would like to be involved in the development of our new packaging ideas and to provide us with some feedback please call on
01366 386633.

Five-A-day Facts

Around 90% or Britain’s blackcurrants are used to make Ribena

Supplier of the month

Constantly growing and developing as a company ‘Nurtured in Norfolk’ supply a range of wholesalers and Michelin star restaurants with a top-quality selection of cut micro cress, pea shoots, micro herbs, edible flowers, baby, micro and sea vegetables, edible leaves and mint tips in various flavours. As ex chefs, their simple ethos is that the quality and consistency of the product has to be of an exacting standard that they would have expected and been happy to use themselves.

All the products have been grown on a natural soil base, benefiting from nutrients that are present throughout the growing stages and therefore extending the shelf life. Biological controls are used throughout the growing process to keep the crops clean and pest free.”

Exciting new additions to the range include baby broccoli, baby red cabbage, baby green cabbage and baby cauliflower. Cucamelons and dried rose petals are also now readily available. Please allow 48 hours notice for us to order these items for you.

Must Haves for August

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