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Products Updates for June

May 27th, 2013 by

Produce update

Available now
Bunched Heritage Carrots (New Crop indoor) –From Suffolk
Mixed Courgette (Green/Yellow Indoor)- From Suffolk
Leafy celery from Suffolk
Rainbow and Swiss Chard from Littleport

Available at the End of this week

Broad Beans in pods Local Wisbech
Gooseberries Local Wisbech
Local Raspberries from Wisbech
Local Radicchio from end of this week.


Kale in 1 or 2 weeks
Broccoli/Cauli/Savoy/Spring Cabbage all changing to local now
All salads and baby leaf will be local soon except Frisee which will remain French through the year due to the blanch/yellow levels in the centre
Local Asparagus will finish this weekend
Suffolk Mid New Potatoes in boxes next week sometime.
Potatoes continue to be difficult and more expensive as old stored crops come to an end and new crop not ready yet. Having to supplement some with imported.