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Produce News October 2017

October 2nd, 2017 by

Seasonal changes advance through October as summer crops give way to Autumn produce and menus change to reflect this with items like squashes, mushrooms, roots and top fruits coming into prominence.

On the Way Out:
Local soft fruits will start to tail off this month with Blueberries and Blackberries finished now and Strawberries finishing by mid October. Autumn Raspberries will carry on for another few weeks until the end of the month and can be of fantastic quality and flavour at this time of year. Local Runner beans also finishing shortly.  European Peaches/Nectarine/Apricots/Cherries all but finished now with a short gap until some Southern Hemisphere fruit appears.

Seasonal Must-Haves:
• Maris Peer Baby Potatoes

• Local Carrots

• Local Savoy

• Red Cabbage

• Cauliflower and Broccoli

• Spinach

• Kale Green and Red

• Black Cabbage (Cavelero Nero)

• Swiss and Rainbow Chard

• Autumn Purple Sprouting Broccoli• Norfolk Stemster Red Potatoes

• Heritage Potatoes Varieties – Ratte, Violette(purple) and Pink Fir Apple

• Local Heritage coloured beetroot and carrots

Mixed Heritage Tomatoes, English Watercress and Spring Onions are all available through until end October with Local Squashes and French Muscat pumpkin available in good quantities. Also, local Halloween pumpkins appearing now ready for the end of the month.

Local apples and pears and Quince will really kick off this month, with varieties such as Cox Orange Pippin, Russets and Perfection starting to get into full season, as well as Local Bramley Cooking Apples.

Local Leeks and onions also coming into main season now as the harvest proceeds.Main European Wild Mushrooms Autumn season is now in full swing, with Chanterelles, Girolle, Trompette, Pied De Mouton, Mousseron, Ceps (Porccini) all available however please call for prices and availabilities as they do change from day to day.

Still In, Mostly Local and Good Value:

• Tenderstem Broccoli (Imported)

• Salsify

• Chicory in both White and Red

• Local salad leaves are all still good this month but a little dependant on the weather with Radicchio quality and colour at its best. French imports will begin towards the end of the month.

Prepared Vegetables:
10mm or 20mm precision diced root vegetables.  All types of other prepared vegetables available however, please give minimum 24 hours’ notice. All prepared vegetables are made in-house and are a high-quality product so if you are interested, please call our team for prices. Also available prepared washed salads prepared in-house, fresh fruit salad and fresh juices.

Local Cheese:
All of our local cheeses are in stock including Ferndale Farms Dapple and Smoked Dapple and Tawny.Mrs Temples range including the wonderful Binham Blue, Suffolk Farmhouse Gold and Blue, Willow Farm Ewes Milk White Lady, Baron Bigod Sufolk Brie, Fielding Cottage goats Ellingham and Mardler as well as goats curd.
We have plenty of choice of other good quality UK and imported cheese and deli items in stock year-round and we are more than happy to talk to you about what you need!

New Range:
We are also set to launch Norton Dairy Cheeses and Yogurts this month so keep an eye on our social media for updates of when they will be available to add to your order.

• St Swithins Soft – fresh white cheese with creamy, citrus notes

• St Swithins Soft with Lavender – Best in Category Flavoured Cheese at British Cheese Awards 2017

• St Swithins Soft with Chilli – fresh white cheese with dried chilli flakes

• St Swithins Soft – fresh white cheese with creamy, citrus notes

• St Swithins Soft with Chilli – fresh white cheese with dried chilli flakes

• Nortons 18-hour Slow Matured Natural Yogurt

This Month’s Promotion:

Belazu Bar Snack Nuts!

• Chilli Nut Mix 1kg £9.95

• Kasha Nuts 1.2kg £19.95

• Rose Harissa Mixed Nuts 1.45kg £19.95

• Wasabi Peas 1.2kg£9.95