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Produce News November 2017

November 1st, 2017 by

November often gets overlooked when it comes to fresh produce, but we think that is a big mistake! November is a bountiful month, with some beautiful colours, flavours and textures coming through and we love to see all the new produce coming in!

Christmas is coming and will be upon us sooner than we think, so it is a great idea to start thinking about what you will need, how much and where you can save time in your kitchens over the busy festive season.
Brussels sprouts and sprout tops are now becoming available and we can start to send you our prepared sprouts from end of November.

Fresh cranberries are also now starting, with frozen and cranberry sauces on stock.

Other Christmas Essentials:

• Fresh Redcurrants, figs and Medjool Dates
• First of the forced rhubarb beginning but is very expensive at the moment
• Chestnuts – Fresh whole or vac packed peeled and cooked.
• Satsumas, Clementine’s with leaf and Spanish Navel Oranges all available

Seasonal Must Haves:

• Local carrots
• Parsnips
• Swede
• Celeriac
• Savoy
• Cauliflower
• Spinach
• Kale (Green and Red)
• Black Cabbage (Cavelero Nero)
• Swiss and Rainbow Chards
• Romanesque- nutty flavour available until first hard frosts
• Norfolk Stemster Red Potatoes are great tasting and an excellent, versatile all-rounder
• Heritage Potatoes – Ratte, Pink Fir Apple, Purple (Violette) are all in stock
• Heritage coloured beetroot and coloured carrots, with both baby and large available in both products
• English Watercress
• Local Squashes, gourds, crown prince pumpkins and French Muscat pumpkins
• Local apples (Cox, Russett, Perfection), Conference pears and Quince are in main season now
• Local Leeks and onions also into main winter season now
• Local Bramley Cooking Apples
• Salsify

On the Way Out:

• Local soft fruits now finished but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy them, just be aware that all now imported
• European stone fruits now finished apart from plums which are still looking great
• There will be some Southern Hemisphere stone fruits, but they are coming through quite expensive so factor that in to your budgets if you want them
• Local salads now finished with new crop Spanish, French and Italian taking over for the winter
• Local Broccoli, Aubergine and courgettes finishing with Spanish product taking its place
• Turkish Black Figs finishing but Brazilian taking their place
• English Baby Vegetables finished, and all imported now

Wild Mushrooms:

Main European autumn season continuing until weather turns cold, so call us for availability and prices as we move through the winter on the following:
• Chanterelles
• Girolle
• Trompette
• Pied De Mouton
• Mousseron
• Ceps (Porccini)

Prepared Vegetables:

All types of prepared vegetables available; however, please give minimum 24-hours’ notice for anything that you would like. All are made in-house and are a high-quality product so please call us for prices.
Also available to order is our prepared washed salads and fresh fruit salad, which are prepared in-house to order.

Local Cheese:

All local cheeses in stock or can be ordered with 48-hours’ notice, including:

• Ferndale Farms – Dapple, Smoked Dapple and Tawny
• Mrs Temples Range – Binham Blue, Wells Alpine, Copys Cloud, Gurneys Gold, Walsingham and Vintage Walsingham, Wighton.
• Suffolk Farmhouse – Gold and Blue
• Willow Farm – Ewes Milk White Lady and Wissington
• Fen Farm – Baron Bigod (Suffolk Brie)
• White Wood Dairy – St Judes
• Fielding Cottage – Goats Ellingham and Mardler as well as goats curd
• Norton Dairy – St Swithins Range of soft cheeses

We also have plenty of choice of other good quality UK and imported cheese and deli items in stock year round, just call 01366 386633 to enquire!