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Produce News May 2017

May 4th, 2017 by

fresh times…

We’ve recently had an excellent visit from our friends at HB Ingredients where we had a demo / tasting session on the Sosa and Callebaut Products.  We will be looking to hold another session later in the year, should this be of any interest to you and your business please talk to a member of our sales team for all the details.

We here at Accent Fresh are dedicated to bringing our customers nothing but the best produce available.  We work very closely with our local growers Tom and Caroline Sanderson at St.Johns in Beechamwell who provide us with our Local Asparagus.  They are well known for their excellent quality of graded products grown on sandy soils which makes them the perfect supplier for Accent Fresh.

And I’m sure you will agree that the proof is in the taste.


whats good…

Norfolk Strawberries are about to start at the beginning of May with a new supplier for Accent Fresh.  We are excited with this development that will give us an early start to the season for our customers and this popular product.

We now have Jersey potatoes as well as Cornish potatoes.  As we get further into the season we will start to see volumes significantly increase, and therefore reductions in price too!  These will be followed by new season East Anglian crop that we believe personally match our Jersey friends.

Our forager continues to hunt for the latest wild ingredients and provides us of his expectation on findings subject to weather conditions weekly, we can provide this information to to our
customers who use these products on their menus.


changes throughout spring…

Imported peas and broad beans have now come into season for our customers Spring and Summer menus.  These will switch to a local supply when available.

Rhubarb has now switched from the Yorkshire forced variety to local outdoor grown product.  Although the forced is fantastic in colour and flavour, the price has dropped significantly to allow this to be used by more of our customers.

The only other items that are due to change will be tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.  These will switch from Spanish to Dutch crops and you will see a general improvement in quality.

And last but not least our leafy salads will move from imported produce to local varieties in the middle of May as well.

If you require further information or would like to talk about any of the products you have read about above, please feel free to contact our sales department on 01366 386633 who would be happy to help you.