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Produce News March 2017

March 1st, 2017 by

Following a very difficult January and February with products being imported from Spain, the situation has now moderated meaning better availability and lower prices. However it is likely to remain unstable until the start of the Northern European salad season which will begin in April / May.

There may well be a gap in the broccoli crop sometime in April due to lost plantings in the floods around the Christmas period.

Potatoes continue to steadily increase in price as we move through the stored crops which is likely to continue into May and June with an undersupply of good quality tubers causing the price to rise.


All root vegetable’s are available and good value throughout March – Carrots, Parsnips, Swede, Leeks, Celeriac, Beetroots, Jerusalem Artichokes Cabbages are all still going strong.

Some leafy spring green’s will start to make an appearance with the more hearted local Spring Cabbage set to come on stream in April to replace the Savoy variety.

Red and White cabbages are slightly increasing in price as we move to late stored crops. Green, Purple and Red Kale should be fine through March although Black Cabbage will probably finish for a while. Local Spring Cauliflowers are looking good now though March and April.

Heritage Potatoes – Ratte, Anya, Pink Fir Apple, Purple (Violette) are all still in stock whilst most Baby Vegetables are being imported.

The spring crop of Purple Sprouting Broccoli should be available now although this could be weather dependant. There will also be white sprouting broccoli but this will be a very short season.

Blood Oranges which are looking great and full of vibrant colour will be available until April whereas Seville Oranges which are great for making marmalade is just about finished.

Yorkshire and local Forced Rhubarb will be available throughout March with the outdoor local variety coming as soon as mid April.

Local Bramley Cooking Apples, and Conference Pears are still going good from cold stores whilst Spanish Strawberries and Raspberries are still very nice and at great value.

Other items to consider this March.

Red and White Chicory, Salsify, Mooli, Fresh Turmeric, Kohl Rabi are all well worth considering when planning your menu this month.

Coming Up

Be sure to keep an eye out for Local Asparagus which will be available around mid to the end of April until 21st June.