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Produce News June 2017

June 1st, 2017 by

June means one thing…
Lots and lots of local produce has begun and we are happy to report that with the latest spell of wet and warm weather, it is looking like a great crop this year.

English Strawberries have begun to come in and local Raspberries should be too within the next few weeks with Blueberries coming near the end of the month so keep your eyes peeled for those on our Twitter.  Gooseberries are growing nicely at the moment and should be ready by mid-June as well as blackcurrants.

Mediterranean Stone fruits – Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Apricots and Cherries are here and eating very well too and New Spanish Italian and French melons all really flavoursome, so both our home grown and imported fruits are having a great season.

Fresh Veg…
As for the vegetables, English Cauliflowers, Broccoli and Savoy and Spring Cabbage are here and looking really good after the Spanish flood situation earlier this year, we’re happy to say that our local crops have not suffered the same problems.

New crop local carrots from the Norfolk Fens will be available towards end of June and are normally very sweet and flavoursome, and by mid June we should see the first of the English courgettes.

Great news for potato lovers; Jersey Royals are starting to come down in price and local new potatoes will take their place very shortly.  Heygates Norfolk Peer new potatoes are looking to start by the end of the month.

and there’s more…
English Baby Carrot, Baby Beets, Baby Fennel and Baby Turnips should start by the end of the month.  English Asparagus will finish on the 21st June as the plants are left to grow on and replenish themselves for next year. Imported Peas and Broad Beans in pods are now in stock.

As for our leafy salads, English Iceberg, Cos, Little Gem, Lollo Rosso, Red Oak and Biondi have begun and are looking really good, with English Radicchio to follow shortly.

All the Dutch Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumber have started and very good and Heritage Radish and Heritage Tomatoes all available now.

local heroes…
We work very closely with our good friends and local producers Nurtured In Norfolk to bring you a comprehensive selection of edible flowers.

The list is updated on a daily basis to make sure that we have a great selection of the freshest and colourful leaves for you to add to your menu.  Call our team today for the latest selection.

If you would like to discuss any of the produce mentioned in this months newsletter or if you wish to place an order then please call our team on 01366 386633.