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Produce News July 2016

July 8th, 2016 by

June’s unseasonably wet and windy weather would have you all fooled into thinking that we are still in early spring and fighting through April Showers, rather than nearing the middle of summer.

If one thing can remind us of what season it actually is, then fresh produce is it. Local asparagus had an early start this year, with first crops being reported as early as March due to a warmer than average December; however, this has not meant an early finish, with the last of the crops just finishing now.

On the way out:
Old Crop Potatoes will be replaced by new crop over the next month or so however the quality of the old crop will deteriorate a little more yet and prices will remain strong. Other products that we now lose are Jerusalem Artichokes and Rhubarb with both of their seasons finishing soon.

As for apples, pears and citrus fruits, all will be changing to southern hemisphere crops for the summer months. The quality has improved but lemons and limes remain short in supply and expensive.

Still In, Mostly Local And Good Value But Not At Their Best:
• Parsnips
• Swede
• Spanish leeks
• Celeriac
• Onions
• Butternut squash/Sweet potatoes
• Tender stem Broccoli
• Local Bramley cooking apples; new crop in August
• Chicory – white and red
Heritage Potatoes, such as Ratte, Anya, Pink Fir Apple and Purple(Violette) are getting a bit tricky with change from old season to new season so we will keep you informed on those as it happens.

Seasonal Must Haves:
• Local Heygates Norfolk Peer Potatoes
• New crop local carrots
• New local savoy
• Local new cauliflower and broccoli
• Suffolk baby veg
• Fresh peas and broad beans
• Local baby salad leaves
• Local bunched heritage coloured beetroots
• New crop turnips
• Local strawberries and raspberries- great flavour
• Mixed heritage tomatoes and radish
• English watercress
• Spring onions
• Heritage coloured radishes
• Local gooseberries- very short season
• Local kale now about to start again
• European cherries/peaches/nectarine/apricots –in their prime now
• Spanish melons and French Charantais melons- now coming into main season

Looking Forward:
We cannot wait for the return of English Blackcurrants, Blueberries, courgettes and New Crop leeks with deliveries expected to begin any time now.

We also have a wide range of dried stock, including herbs and spices from Greenfields, sauces and jus and much more.

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For more information or to inquire about a product that we have not mentioned please feel free to contact our team on 01366 386633, who will be happy to help.