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Produce News January/February 2016

March 6th, 2016 by

General Situation

After a very mild autumn and start to winter we are anticipating a few knock on effects going forward particularly with our local vegetable crops.

There are likely to be gaps in the cauliflower and green cabbage crops which may run short at some time in the February/March period.
The mild weather has meant that crops have grown and matured much quicker than normal and growers were harvesting crops at Christmas which should be harvested in March.

On the plus side, the mild weather has extended the season on local leafy vegetables such as Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Black Cabbage, Rainbow chard and Kale which have normally finished around Christmas.

Other crop categories and seasons are acting normally currently but the ‘El Nino’ effect may have implications later on with Pacific and South American citrus fruits and banana crops in particular.

The cold weather has slowed up the growth of cauliflower as expected which has now become much shorter in supply and more expensive. Still not critical and indications are that with French and Spanish imports to supplement the local crops, fairly normal supply will be maintained. Broccoli is all Spanish and remains a good alternative.

Potato and onion supply remains stable currently but quality and supply issues in stored crops have been flagged up by suppliers and may show up later and create a temporary problematical period April to June but the extent of this is not certain yet.

Local eating apples now beginning to finish with French to take their place – Cooking Apples and Conference pears will remain available locally for several months yet from cold stores.

Melons are readily available from South America and stable in price.
Strawberries and Raspberries are now Spanish and whilst good value, are suffering quality and shelf life issues.
Blackberries and Blueberries are South American and quality is good currently.

New In

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb just starting – Local forced by end of Jan.
Seville Oranges for marmalade – 6/8week season
Blood Oranges- until April
January King Cabbages

In Season, Mostly Local and still Good Value

Beetroots –Red/Candy/Gold/White (to order)
Carrots – Regular + Chantenay and Rainbow
Parsnips/Swede/Leeks/Celeriac/Onions/Jerusalem Artichokes/Turnips
Cabbages – Red/White/Savoy/January King/Black
Kale – Green and Red
Local ‘Maris Piper’ and’ Stemster’ Red potatoes- both great all rounders
Heritage Potatoes – Ratte/Anya/Pink Fir Apple/Purple(Violette)- all in stock
Imported Butternut Squash/Sweet Potatoes
Sprouts and Sprout Tops
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Tenderstem Brocccoli (Imported but good quality)
Local Bramley Cooking Apples, Coxes and Conference Pears
Spanish Navel Oranges, Satsuma’s and Clementine’s
Chicory – White and Red
Alliums – Onions, garlic and shallots – Smoked and Black Garlic to order but loose bulbs, strings, peeled and pureed garlic all stock items. Round and banana shallots. Brown Onions, Red Onions, Extra Large Spanish mild Onions all in stock but more specialist varieties such as Italian sweet white and Cipollini and also French Roscoff all available to order.

Monthly Promotion
Product Origin Price
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Finished Now

-Local Squashes and Pumpkins –French Muscat Pumpkin still available
-Wild Mushroom varieties are more limited; call for availabilities.

Prepared Vegetables

All types of prepared vegetables available- please give minimum 24 hours’ notice.

Also available are prepared washed salads, which are prepared in- house, as well as fresh Fruit Salad and Orange and Grapefruit segments and Fresh Juices.

Meet our Suppliers

Watergull Orchards is a family business that concentrates on producing a high quality English apple juice. Their East Anglian apple juice is made from the finest apples, all of which have been grown in Cambridgeshire, most from their own orchards.

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