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Produce News for May 2016

May 3rd, 2016 by

Last autumn and early winter was unseasonably warm and with this we had the benefits of extended seasons on some of our winter leafy vegetables. However we are now paying the price with a gap in the supply of spring cauliflowers which all matured early and now are virtually finished so steer clear of this product until the new summer crops appear in early June.

The great news however is that now that the sun is shining again there should be a boost to the local produce grown here in the UK and we have high hopes for the summer berry yields such as strawberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries that will start to come through as we approach the middle of May and into June.

One product that will finish as the season heats up though is purple sprouting broccoli so get it whilst the getting is good and the weather is still on the chilly side.  Don’t worry brassica lovers, new crop regular broccoli is expected towards the end of the month to take its place.

Also on its way out are black cabbage, savoy and kale which are all between seasons at the moment however firm favourite asparagus is in full swing joined by Spring Pointed cabbage and Jersey Royal potatoes which all have their own unmistakable flavour and are welcomed with open arms.

New crop products such as English bunched carrots and beetroots are now coming in too and should be tender and really good quality and our Heritage potatoes are still looking good and include;

  • Ratte
  • Anya
  • Pink Fir Apple
  • Vitelotte (purple)

as are butternut squash and sweet potatoes, however as expected at this time of year, onions, red & white cabbage and chipping potatoes are going to remain problematic until the new crops of those start appearing back in our warehouse.

Things that we are looking forward to at the moment are local heritage tomatoes and local Maris Bard new potatoes which will start sometime in May and we will keep you informed via our Twitter account as soon as they reach us.

Many leaf salad items will now change from imported to local crops as the weather improves so again look out for new baby leaf spinach, Roquette and mixed leaves from our local growers which we will also be posting about on Twitter.

Fruit must-haves at the moment are Spanish melons and stone fruits, which are improving all the time and their Italian counterparts are just as ripe and juicy.  It is also a great time of year to be using cherries which will be at their best towards the end of this month.

Also spring brings with it a number of wild foraged items such as nettles, garlic mustard and elderflowers towards the end of the month as well as wild sea vegetables such as Sea Aster, Sea Purslaneand Sea Beet with local marsh samphire appearing as we head into June.

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