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Produce News August 2017

August 1st, 2017 by

Produce News August 2017 

August is a great time for produce, with a mix of rain and sun this year that has given us top notch local produce.  With al fresco dining top of most people’s list this month, why not try a simple side dish of fresh apricots or watermelon with your BBQ meat to add a fresh taste.

Finished for while…

Jersey Royals potatoes are gone now but Norfolk peer is great substitute and will keep you happy until they return.Cherries will finish sometime during the month as will Jerusalem Artichokes and rhubarb for a while until forced appears in November

On the Way out or difficult…

Old Crop Potatoes are making way for New crop but there is a big improvement in quality so worry not. Fresh Gooseberries and Blackcurrants are all finished but frozen continues to be available. New crop Local Bramley Cooking Apples will be available at the end of August too so something to look forward to.

Dairy Prices…

General increases in cream, milk and butter prices continues due to a prolonged world shortage. This may affect cheese going forward so be prepared for increases on all these products.

Seasonal Must Haves…

• Local Norfolk Peer Potatoes

• New Crop Local Carrots

• New local Savoy

• Local new Cauliflower and Broccoli/Suffolk Baby Veg

• Fresh Peas and Broad Beans and Runner Beans

• Local Baby Salad leaves

• Romanesque

• Local Heritage coloured beetroots

• New Crop Turnips

• Local Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries- Great flavour

• Mixed Heritage Tomatoes

• English Watercress

• Spring Onions

• Heritage Coloured Radishes

• Local Kale, Chard and Spinach

• European Peaches/Nectarine/Apricots are in their prime now

• Spanish Melons and French Charantais Melons – now in main season

• Edible Flowers – many varieties available

Looking Forward to

• Victoria Plums

• Autumn Squashes

• Local Apples and pears

Still In, Mostly Local and Good Value but maybe not at their best

• Parsnips

• Swede

• Celeriac

• Onions

• Heritage Potatoes – Ratte, Anya, Pink Fir Apple, Purple (Violette); all changing from old season to new season

• Butternut Squash

• Sweet Potatoes