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August 22nd, 2014 by

We make it our mission to bring you top quality produce from around the World and back to your doorstep!
We work with many local suppliers who really know their onions! Our global suppliers stretch to the corners of the earth to bring you exotic products that need warmer climates to grow.

Local and seasonal produce are in abundance at the moment, and many summer products should continue throughout September, whilst a lot of the autumn crops start to be harvested.

You can definitely taste the rainbow at the moment with our selection of multi-coloured Rainbow Carrots, available in white, yellow and purple*and new crop Heritage Beetroots too, which you can order now in Golden, Candy and White*.
And whilst we’re on the subject of Beetroot, we’ve also got pre-packed cooked Red Beetroot if you need it, and ‘James White’ Beetroot Juice also available in 75cl bottles.

Why not spruce up a salad and add a splash of colour with a selection of our Heirloom tomatoes or Heritage Radishes?

Local regular and large size Fenland Carrots are now our stock Carrot. Alongside this are Suffolk baby bunched Carrots and also the small pointed Chantenay with White Chantenay to follow soon.

Other Roots….
Swede, Parsnip, Leeks and Celeriac are all now new crop local or UK product and good value and quality. We’re now starting to see some more specialist crops coming in such as Fennel, Salsify, fresh Horseradish, local Purple and Green Kohl Rabi and Turnips.

Have you tried Parsley Root? It’s shaped like a really long carrot, beige-white in colour but it’s a root that tastes of a mixture between Celeriac and Carrot with hints of Celery, Turnip, and Parsley Leaf. It can be steamed, boiled, puréed, or creamed so why not try it alongside a nice hot dish like a stew or casserole as the temperature cools into the autumn?

All Onions and Alliums including Garlic and Shallots are now new crop and quality and price are getting better by the day. We have more specialist varieties such as the French Roscoff, Italian Cipollini and Sweet White available if you’d like something a little different; just give us a call or a Tweet if you’d like more information.

Baby Vegetables
Baby vegetables from our local Suffolk supplier will carry on through into autumn; these are Baby Red, Golden, Candy Beetroot and also Leek, Carrot, Fennel and Turnip. (There may be gaps in production for certain lines but there should usually be a minimum of 4 lines available).

Cabbages, Brassicas and other leafy vegetables
Savoy Cabbage, Spring pointed, Black Cabbage (Cavelo Nero) as well as regular Red and White Cabbages are all stock items.
Expect some other leafy vegetables to try and grab the lime light now they’re coming into main season like Curly Kale, Rainbow and Swiss Chards, Spinach and leafy Fenland Celery.
Don’t forget about regular Cauliflower and Broccoli, and how about trying Purple or Orange Cauliflowers which we can source (to order). Purple Sprouting should start to make an appearance in a few weeks as the weather starts to cool. Romanescu has also now started locally and will go through until we get the first frosts (hopefully for a bit then!).

Fresh Peas and Broad Beans will finish shortly but local Runner beans will carry on into September. Local Bobby Beans continue to be available into September but finish soon after.

Local Marrows are available now and into September. Fresh Muscat Pumpkins have just started with UK Pumpkins following towards the end of September. Other local squashes from our local farms are now just about to start with Spaghetti being one of the first. The whole range should be available towards the end of September and will then go through until Christmas and beyond from store. Please ask about the range, there are lots of weird and wonderful varieties but too many to list here!

Also available year round from overseas and locally are Green and Yellow Courgettes and Butternut Squash. Please pre order Courgette flowers and other specialist Courgettes types such as round.

Main crop UK potato harvest will begin in September and the signs are that quality, tuber size and volumes will be good which should lead to stable prices through the winter and into next spring. Currently quality of the new crop potatoes being harvested is very good and there shouldn’t be problems now with chipping varieties or other more general purpose potatoes. Varieties will change going forward into the main crop harvest but this shouldn’t affect the quality.

Specialist new crop varieties are now starting such as Ratte, Violette (Purple,) Pink Fir Apple and Anya. We’ve also got the Heygates Norfolk Maris Peer mids which are grown locally and are looking fantastic with a very bright skin and regular small grading, a really nice premium product.

Local and European Wild Mushrooms seem to flourish in late Summer/ early Autumn. The warm and now wet conditions should lead to good availability. Coming into season in particular will be Trompettes De Mort, Pied De Mouton and Yellow and Gre Chanterelles. Girolles will be available in the background as a good standard (FYI; they’re the ones that look really similar to Yellow Chantarelles!). Prices and availabilities tend to be very volatile so best thing to do is call or Tweet to check it out.

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries will all remain in main season until end of September. Gooseberries have now finished but we’ve got some frozen here as a back
-up if you need them. Foraged wild Elderberries should be available early September and Rowan Berries available now for a short period.

Plums and Gauges are now all available. Local Victoria plums and Green Gauges will be available for a short period only so make the most of them whilst they last! Damsons have just appeared and will go on into September but again quite a limited season.

English Cherries have now gone out of season with only USA product available and whilst quality is good the price is high, so at the moment we’re only doing them to order; please call or Tweet if you need an up to date price.

Enjoy fantastic quality European Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots for a few weeks into September before the season tails off and much more expensive Southern hemisphere fruit arrives.

‘Apples and Pears’
First local apples are now appearing and signs are that there will be good local crops going forward with Cox and Russets appearing towards the end of September. Local new crop Bramley Cooking Apples have now started and are looking fab! Local Conference Pears will also appear very soon.

Quince will start in September and continue right through until Christmas. Always nice for a yummy Apple and Quince Crumble to warm you up when the nights pull in?
Quince Jelly/Paste though is always available in a 900g block if you need it too.

Lemons are likely to be a pain going forward as believe it or not there’s a worldwide shortage of the fruit. This means there’ll be sharp price rises with all produce coming from Southern Hemisphere countries. Oranges and Grapefruits remain more stable in price with quality improving as supply moves to the Southern Hemisphere.

All salad items remain in plentiful supply with generally good quality due to the favourable growing conditions through the past few months. Why not ask us about artisan varieties of Radish such as Red Meat or Watermelon; these seem to be available more readily this season but can be a little temperamental so ideally 3 day notice is required.

Also, watch this space for new salad items being added to the range in the coming weeks…..!

A huge variety of Micro Leaves, Vegetables, Shoots and Edible Flowers are available locally from Nurtured In Norfolk; we’re currently updating our literature to bring you more information on these products so please call or Tweet in the meantime if you’d like to know more.

Of course these are but a few of the lines we can supply and to tell you everything we could go on indefinitely! If you would like more information on these, or any other products that we can source, please call the office or why not send us a Tweet?

*certain items are to order, not held in stock

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