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April – Spring News

April 10th, 2015 by

News for April 2015
With Spring in the air and autumn falling away behind us, the change of season marks a change in the fresh fruit and veg that are available on the markets.
This makes for exciting changes on restaurant menus and at home in our kitchens as we lose some of our autumnal favourites for another year, but welcome in the best that spring has to offer.

Still available….

is Yorkshire, and local Forced Rhubarb. These will gradually move to outdoor crop, and the price will improve as this happens. Blood Oranges are nice and bloody now – these will remain available through April.

On the way out….

are Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots, but the New European crop will surface around the end of April when these will be back, and looking good. Black Cabbage has now finished and will return with a New Crop in mid May. Local Cox and Russet Apples are now finished, and will start again in the Autumn.

Watch this space…..

for Local Aspargus, starting mid April. Local Gooseberries and Strawberries will appear towards the end of May and run into June. Local Tomatoes will also be starting in May.


Vegetable must –haves……

are Purple Sprouting Broccoli – this is now in full swing, and you will see the price on this come down. Spring Pointed Cabbage is looking good, and will be even better in April when we move from imported to local crop. Our Cauliflowers are now local, new crop and these are improving in size all the time. French Salads will now become more readily available which will mean an improvement both quality and price. Dutch/Belgium Strawberries are on the verge of starting – these will be both better looking, and come with a longer shelf life. UK Watercress will be in full production as the weather improves.

Our best bits…..

• Spanish Heritage Tomatoes
• Beetroot – Red/Candy/Gold/White (to order)
• Carrots – regular, Chantenay and Rainbow
• Parsnip
• Swede
• Leek
• Celeriac
• Onion
• Jerusalem Artichokes
• Turnips
• Kale – green and red
• Heritage Potatoes – Ratte, Anya, Pink Fir Apple, Purple (Violette) – all in stock
• Butternut Squash
• Sweet potato
• Tenderstem Broccoli
• Local Bramley Cooking Apples, and Conference Pears
• Spanish Satsumas and Clementines
• Chicory – white and red

Don’t forget….

we also supply Prepared Vegetables – for next day delivery, please order by noon. Delicious Fresh Breads are available from our bakery. A huge range of Micro Leaves, Vegetables, shoots and edible flowers is available through Nurtured In Norfolk.


Shoots, and Edible Flowers are available through Nurtured In Norfolk. For Sauces and Chutneys, why not try something from our Stokes Sauces range? Bar snacks and Olives from the Fresh Olive Company are so worth a try. And where would be without Cheese – Local Cheeses in stock include Ferndale Farms Dapple and Smoked Dapple, Mrs Temples range, Suffolk Farmhouse Gold and Blue, Willow Farm Ewes milk White Lady, Baron Bigot, Norfolk Brie, Fielding Cottage goats Ellingham and Mardler, as well as Goats Curd. Plenty of choice of other good quality UK and imported Cheese and Deli items are in stock year round.
Just give us a call on 01366 386 633 and we will always try to source what you need!