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Accent Fresh- December News

December 16th, 2015 by

The weather has turned decidedly colder and wetter this month, which will undoubtedly spell the end of the British broccoli crop and also the spring cabbage that we have been enjoying. No fear though, as we will switch to Spanish broccoli to see you through and Tundra and January King cabbage will come in as well to supplement the Savoy.

Good news is that our cauliflower will remain locally sourced for now, however they may reduce in size slightly as the light levels and temperatures reduce.

One vegetable that is going to conquer the cold is the Christmas favourite, the Brussel sprout which will only continue to get better in this weather and we have the sprout tops to prove it, looking lovely and green as they come into our warehouse. Don’t forget that you can also order prepared sprouts from us to save you some time in the kitchen during the Christmas period.

Swiss and rainbow chard, kale and black cabbage are going strong however local sourced purple sprouting broccoli may come to a sudden end if the air turns frosty, but you can still order it for now.

December really is the month of the Root vegetable, with carrots, parsnips and swede doing well this year, as are celeriac, leeks and Jerusalem artichokes. Beetroots including candy and golden also remain in season and great for added colour.

We can’t help but be excited about Piccolo baby parsnips and Chantenay carrots as well; slightly sweeter than their bigger counterparts and just as good.

Chestnuts are now available to order, fresh and also peeled and vacuum packed and they are tasting great if we do say so ourselves!

Lots of varieties of Potatoes in season now from local Red Stemster and the lovely and versatile Maris Piper through to the more unusual Heritage varieties of Anya, Pink Fir, Ratte and Purple Violette(Black Truffle).

All our berries are now imported and grapes are in short supply, however cranberries are in abundance in fresh, frozen and premade cranberry sauce.

Seasonal fruit now in:

  • Coxes and Russet Apples
  • Conference Pears and Quince
  • Red currants
  • Figs
  • Kumquats
  • Medjool dates

And don’t forget satsumas, leafy clementine’s and Spanish navel oranges are all great for this time of year. We should also have blood oranges in time for Christmas but please ask first.

We also have a great range of chocolate products as well from Sosa Ingredients, in white, milk, dark and extra bitter, which is on offer throughout December at just £15.99 for 2.5kg!


And as always, we like to keep you informed of our opening timds over the festive period:

Monday 21st December Open as usual
Tuesday 22nd December Open as usual
Wednesday 23rd December Open as usual
Thursday 24th December Open till midday
Friday 25th December CLOSED
Saturday 26th December CLOSED
Monday 28th December Open as usual
Tuesday 29th December Open as usual
Weenesday 30th December Open as usual
Thursday 31st December Open till midday
Friday 1st January CLOSED
Saturday 2nd January Open till midday

We would like to take this opportunity to say a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and we look forward to seeing you all in January